Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cover news and editing

Exciting news. I have the first sketches/workups of Duncan Eagleson's cover for my novel 'The Glass', which I'm hoping to bring out in the early part of next year. It's looking good. Now, I could do with some advice on how to go about promoting this kind of thing when you're putting it out yourself. Apparently, cover reveals are over? Oh well, consider this me deliberately not revealing anything.

On the editing front, here's a thought for anyone reading through someone else's work: tell them everything. No matter how basic it is, or stupid, tell them. Because there really are people out there who haven't heard all the stuff you have yet. Who still head hop, or plot by numbers, or pace things badly. Tell them. It might feel like insulting them, but it isn't. It's helping them to make it better.

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Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Good advice, Stu. However, I, for one, was looking forward to seeing the cover. And who said cover reveals are dead? I plan on doing a cover reveal for every book I write. If people don't like it, they don't have to visit!

That's my two cents/pence.