Friday, 8 November 2013

Things We've Learned from the Warm Up

Today is the final day of England's warm up game against Australia A, and so far, there hasn't been much play. It has rained pretty steadily, but even so, we've learned a few things from the game:

  • The obvious one is that the rain can hit even in Australia. Just a couple of weeks after wild fires were ravaging the country, we have whole days washed out. Which just goes to show that the England Cricket Team can still do the business when it comes to combatting drought wherever they go.
  • Michael Carberry. The Hampshire batsman had enough time to hit a hundred alongside Alistair Cook, and may well have cemented a place at the top of the order for the first Test.
  • Joe Root. One knock on effect of Carberry's success is that it probably tells us the shape of the batting order. There were some question marks over whether Root was going to open or bat in the middle, with commentators such as Shane Warne suggesting that the latter might be better. Of course, Warne used to captain Carberry at Hampshire, so there might be a reason for that. Certainly, it now looks like England is going with Carberry to open and Root at six.
  • The likely bowling line up. None of England's players bowled in this game (only two of them got to bat), but the selection of Broad, Anderson and Swann suggests that this was meant to be the first choice attack. So that makes it looks like Chris Tremlett, who was also selected, is currently ahead of Steven Finn and Boyd Rankin in the 'tall fast bowler' stakes.
  • Either Australia are trying to ambush England, or their bowling reserves aren't great. The bowling on the first day of this game was quite ordinary. Not bad, just not particularly special. The fastest anyone bowled was in the low/mid 80s. There wasn't any particular mystery in the spin. It was fine, but compared to a Test attack that contains 90mph bowlers like Johnson and Harris, and potentially a decent leg spinner in Fawad Ahmed, it seems like limited practise.

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