Wednesday, 2 October 2013


So here we are with another IWSG. I'm feeling insecure about two or three writerly things this month, so here goes:

  • The imminent (by which I mean tomorrow) release of the Second Avenue Second Hand anthology, which obviously brings with it the need to plug the anthology wherever I can, so there's now a marketing phase for me to get on with in the middle of other things.
  • Cover art. The cover artist I was going to use for my novel 'The Glass' has fallen through, pretty much disappearing off the face of the Earth, so now I need to find another one whose work I like in my budget. Or I may just ask the one person I suspect may be way outside my budget, just to see what happens.
  • Editing. I sent it to friends who are editors for developmental editing, and I'm reasonably sure it's good, but even so, common sense dictates another round of nitpicky line editing while there's time. I don't suppose anyone in need of editing for their work fancies a swap?
  • I'm waiting for clients on two ghostwriting projects to get back to me with stuff, which means things are quiet now, but I can't let myself go hunting after more work, because they will be back to me by next week and it will go crazy. I've had moments when I've been writing four things at once before.
  • Oh, and I'm currently twenty thousand words into an urban fantasy thing that I'm pantsing. Which, given that I don't really write that way and I don't do UF anymore is a bit weird.


Tessa Conte said...

Wow you're busy!!

I'm sure you'll find the right artist for your cover, and yay on the pantsing (that's always exiting) : )

Huntress, aka CD Coffelt said...

Holy Talking Cats! you don't have any pressure, do you? I'd be pulling my hair out rather than calmly laying out my worries.

I'll read just about any kind of fantasy but UF is my fave.

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Marketing sucks the life out of you when all you want to do is write. Sounds like you might be pretty good at thriving under pressure. Don't let it get the best of you.

Pantsing is what I do best - urban fantasy? Not so much, at least not yet. You have to try things you've never done before because Stuart Sharp could be the next big thing in UF. Best of luck!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Well, i don't know what your budget is, or what you're looking for in regards to cover art, but Maria Zanini has a thriving cover art business over at Book Cover Diva:

In case that helps at all.

stu said...

Wendy, I've done urban fantasy before. My first two novels were UF.

Donna Hole said...

Can't wait to read your story Stu.

May I recommend Rusty Webb of Blutonian Death Egg or Michael Di Gesu of In Time?