Saturday, 28 September 2013

York Open

I'm off to York to fence today. Having been around a few fencing competitions over the past couple of years, here are some things to expect at any one you go to:

  • Lots of standing around. Every fencing competition I've been to features multiple weapons on one day, meaning a lot of organisational work, meaning there are large gaps between anything happening while people add things up.
  • The presiding will be awful. Because no one has read the rules.
  • Getting there too early is standard, because you build in time for getting lost and then don't get lost. Except for the one time you forget to do it.
  • Because it is a healthy event, taking place in a sports hall, the only food for miles around will be cake.
  • The main event is not the fencing. It is finding a space to park first your car then your fencing bag.

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