Saturday, 23 February 2013

Writing Self Analysis

One interesting writing exercise can be to analyse what you write, and what you want to write. Earlier, I sat down and wrote a big list of various ideas, past and present, to see what sort of thing I might want to write next strongly enough for it to stick. Looking through it, it was easy to spot a few trends, although a couple of the most obvious eluded me until the end.

  1. I write fantasy. I tried putting down a couple of ideas for kitchen sink dramas or gritty realism. However, it seems that the way I most enjoy doing realism is with goblins in.
  2. I write novels, mainly. When I went through the ideas, I was looking for something novel length. There are things that might work better as a short story or even possibly as a graphic novel script, but I seemed to automatically skirt around them.
  3. I like the point where fantasy meets the everyday, both because there's something intriguing about the idea of ordinariness, and because it makes it easier to write about the everyday.
  4. I like the point where once great things have fallen apart.
  5. I like main characters who do the everyman thing (and they are usually male, because my attempts to write longer fiction with female main characters haven't generally gone well).
There. Five things I sort of knew about my writing, but now know better.

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Donna Hole said...

I think it is good for an author sometimes to sit down and explore what excites them in writing. I've discovered myself that I'm more drawn to short stories, and I like the macabe. Fantasy fits that for me also, so many dastardly deeds were committed by the gods, or wizards, or evil faerie.

A writer's journey can take some unexpected twists sometimes.