Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Starting points

Have you ever had that moment with a story where you're skirting around the edges of it, trying to pin it down but not quite finding the right words for it? I'm there at the moment with a piece. I can sort of see what I want from it but finding the right words to capture everything is taking a few goes. I'll start, get a few paragraphs in, and realise just how awful they are.

Perhaps I should ignore that. Perhaps the thing is just to get a start, rather than worrying about what that start is. Or perhaps it just means that there are things that I still need to get right before it's ready to be written.

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Donna Hole said...

I have that problems sometimes; it all makes sense in my head and when I sit down to the computer my fingers won't type the words. Frustrating.

Sometimes just free-writing helps me. I just keep typing whatever pops into my head, even if its just a total rant about how the words aren't coming and I'm stuck in a loop and -

Oh! you get the idea :) Sometimes just writing anything gets you a start, and then worry about getting it "right" comes later.

Good luck getting out of the quagmire. I'm sure the squirrels will have some ideas :)