Monday, 31 December 2012

A Quick Review of the Writing Year

First, let me wish a happy new year to everyone reading this. I suppose it's that time of year when everyone looks back at what they've done and tries to work out what they're doing next year. I'm going to save the thoughts for next year for another post, but it's probably worth thinking about some of the writing things for a bit.

By my calculations, assuming I've added it up right and not including various smaller bits and pieces, I was a ghostwriter on around fifteen novel length pieces of work this year. That's quite a lot, I think. There were times when it even seemed like a little too many. Although since I've added some new sources for jobs, I think that number might come down a little next year.

This year is also the year that my comic fantasy novel Court of Dreams came out. Thank you everyone who bought a copy, and also to some of the reviewers who have said often very nice things about it. If you would like one here are the details of my page, while this is the publisher's site.

Things completed for myself? Well, there's another novel, which is out with publishers at the moment. I think I managed a grand total of about one short story though (which will be coming out in Wendy Tyler Ryan's Second Avenue Second Hand anthology), and probably about as many poems.

Did I learn anything as a writer this year? Probably, I learned something about the business of being a writer, and the difficulty of promoting yourself. I think I learned that honestly, people don't want to hear you just promoting yourself endlessly, that being part of a trend can help a lot, and that otherwise, it's better just to say whatever's on your mind. Writing wise, I think that possibly, I've learned just to tell the story a little more.


Sarah Ahiers said...

WoW! You did a lot in 2012! Here's hoping 2013 is just as successful

Julie Luek said...

You've had a very successful and prolific year-- congratulations and continued success for you throughout 2013.

Christine Rains said...

Congratulations on a great year! I've learned a lot about promoting too. It's a tough line to walk. Good luck in the new year!