Thursday, 29 November 2012

Overlords, Goblins and Anthologies

I've started work on a new thing, which is in fact an old thing, which actually fits in quite nicely with the way I write things. I never seem to just write projects. I come back to them instead. Court of Dreams was put together when I realised all the things wrong with about three things I was writing, picked out the best bits and came up with a story that worked them together. The Glass, which is out with publishers at the moment, was finished on the second or third try. I think it may just be the way I write.

Which bodes well for this, a fragment from which some of you will already have read as part of a blogfest. It features goblin minions who owe a little something to Wodehouse, evil overlords, people wandering out of their home dimensions and trips to the Big Red Eye Awards for Extreme Unpleasantness. Also, me making fun of a lot of fantasy cliches while suggesting that they may still be better than real life.

Of course, that isn't written yet, so if you want to read my stuff, you're going to have to go with Court of Dreams for the moment (why do I make that sound like a punishment rather than a fun adventure filled with things, and possibly Things?) Also, I've just done my edits for a short story that should be coming out in Wendy Tyler Ryan's Second Avenue Second Hand anthology at some point in the near future.

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Laura Brown said...

Goblins eh? Thats got my ears pricking up! :D