Friday, 14 September 2012


Quite a few things going on at once at the moment, so I've decided to resort to bullet points for this one (also, I miss doing posts with bullet points):

  • I'm training as a fencing (sabre) coach as of Sunday. I'm a tiny bit worried that one of the booklets British Fencing sent over contains instructions on teaching the fleche to sabreurs. Especially since the book in question (Learning Fencing in Groups, Laszlo Szepesi) purports to be a 2009 publication. Perhaps someone will know better than me. Is this a reprint? A cut and paste job badly edited for banned moves?
  • I'm currently reading The Theory That Would Not Die, Sharon Bertsch Mcgrayne (Yale, 2011), all about the development of Bayesian statistics and methods. So far, it's an intriguing history, but it's a little light on the detail of applications and on the explanations of scientific approaches. Whenever it says 'such and such did x using bayes rule' I find myself asking 'yes, but how?'
  • I'm writing quite a lot of different things at once for other people, so separating my time has become important at the moment.
  • I've sent a novel out to the publishers, and I'm waiting to hear back. I'm quite hopeful about it, though inevitably for me, it's a slight shift in tone from Court of Dreams.
  • I briefly tried writing down the bits of medieval history I'm actually interested in at the moment, and I came to the slightly odd conclusion that I'm actually more interested in medieval combatives than in my main field of ecclesiastical institutional history. For some reason.


Christina said...

I really want to learn how to fence, but it's difficult finding classes out here in Arizona.

That's really cool that you're going to be a coach.

Lauren said...

Good luck on the novel! That's very exciting.