Sunday, 6 May 2012

A-Z round up

This is my A-Z challenge reflection post. The short version is that I didn't finish. I got as far as V (for villains) before giving up, yet I think it's probably worth reflecting on my reasons for doing that.

Real life was part of it, because I was quite busy for some of the month, yet that wasn't the whole thing. At the point where I gave up, I'd more or less finished some of the pieces I was working on.

My own writing was another big chunk, because I sometimes notice that if I get into a groove of blogging, that's taking away the same energy that says 'you know, I have this cool idea for the next chapter.' I'm writing this, for example, when I was really planning to finish a chapter of the novel that I've been building up a first draft of slowly.

Mostly though, it was just the relentless nature of it. Of saying something even when I didn't have anything to say. Maybe that's a reflection on the nature of blogging in general. I don't know. I do know that I only plan to blog from this point when it strikes me that I can be bothered. Which is probably no kind of way to run a blog, but it seems to work for Neil Gaiman (possibly for the reason that he's Neil Gaiman. Damn. Someone pass me an NG mask). There. Much better.


Donna Hole said...

LOL; even the thought of blogging every day intimidates me. But a person has to know their limits, and take care of everyday life.

I'd rather be Stephen King than Neil Gaiman . .


stu said...

And I'd rather be Tom Holt than either, but he was a convenient blogging name. Also, if there were to be a writer of whom masks were available, I kind of get the feeling it would be him.