Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Something to Say

A friend of mine once told me that he hadn't written anything for a while because he didn't have anything he felt strongly enough to write about. I suppose that applies while blogging, because I'm trying to write only when feel like it enough that it might be interesting.

It's an interesting take on writing fiction, though, and one I didn't really understand at the time. For me, it has almost always been enough to see something that I think might be funny, or interesting, or make a workable plot. It's less a question of 'do I really, absolutely need to do this' than simply 'could I do this'.

Yet increasingly, I think that maybe that's the wrong way around. It lets someone produce a lot of work, but is it necessarily great work? Note that word, great. Not just good. Why? Because writing takes time. Writing this blog post takes a few minutes. Writing a short story will take at least an afternoon. Writing a novel... well, if you factor in the time to publication and the promotion afterwards (note to self, more mind control) then you could be looking at more than a year of your time.

If you're going to put in that much time, surely it's worth trying to produce something really great. Most of us won't succeed in absolute terms, but we'll still do far better than we would just writing anything. Certainly, I find that my own writing has more substance when I have something to say in it.

Which begs the big question. What do you feel strongly enough to want to write about?

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