Saturday, 26 May 2012

The bits you enjoy

There are so many different elements of writing. There’s using language in new and interesting ways, getting to play with a bunch of characters, constructing worlds, the discipline of sitting down and just putting down words, the fun of talking to people and trying to persuade them to read what you’ve written. So many different things, and different writers will like different ones. I think it’s quite important as a writer that you understand which bits mean the most to you.

So what is it for me? What is it about writing, rather than constructing origami furniture or mapping the historical cheese delivery routes of England, that I like? I think the major thing is that business of solving puzzles; fitting things together, finding ways to make them work. Picking at the little points that don’t work in a plot or idea and then finding a way to shift the whole thing so that it does. That’s fun.

It’s the little creative moments too. The jokes, obviously, but just the moments when I get to purely make things up. Lists are always good for that, and so are places where you have a lot of things happening, so that you can just describe a few fantastical things without having to think too much about the consequences.

And then you do think about the consequences, because that brings the first point into play. All of which creates a kind of ‘come up with mad things and then make them work’ vibe, which is what I love. Which is why I look for those moments when I’m writing, and possibly why the moments that don’t include them are slightly more difficult.

The point is that by identifying what it is you really love about the writing process, you can find yourself doing so much more of the bits you enjoy.


Angeline Trevena said...

I just love exploring my characters. Getting inside them, finding out what makes them tick. And then I love to kick them down. And then kick them again. Because I just love watching them get back up again.

KarenG said...

I absolutely detest first drafts but once I get it all down on paper it's fun from then on.

Andrea Teagan said...

So true. I think that I love the creating process the most and writing the rough draft. During this time I really feel like I am in the story and it is telling itself to me. I love day dreaming about stories too :)

It is especially great when something funny or amazing turns up that I had no idea would happen.