Monday, 28 May 2012

Adventures with Frogs

I was looking at the blog stats, and particularly the things people typed into search engines to get here. It turns out that the thing people look for most on this blog is… frogs. Well, here goes, with some fantasy adventure/story ideas starring the real heroes of these things. Apparently.

1.      Hunt the frog. A wicked (or at least misunderstood) witch has transformed royalty of your choice into amphibious form. Now, princesses might be readily available or they might not, but since said witch did this in the middle of the Five Kingdoms Rare Amphibian Reserve, this could be trickier than it sounds.

2.      Our heroes have stolen the Jewelled Frog of Klall. Just one tiny problem… it’s actually the frog people’s queen, who had been taking a nap at the time.

3.      In the middle of the annual Plague of Frogs, a shady businessman is profiting rather a lot by predicting just where the next outbreak will be and selling suitable frog repellents (herons?). His big van full of things that go ‘croak’ might or might not be a clue.

4.      The barbarian gnomes of the North have swept down into the civilised lands to wreak havoc and fish in new ponds, riding their terrifying war frogs.

5.      A botanist wants our hero to extract some rare compounds from a particular type of tree frog. That the compound in question happens to be a rare poison, and that a Very Important Hero’s birthday is coming up happen to be complete coincidences, probably.

6.      Our heroes must search for the fabled Lost City of K’roak to find a way to overthrow the frog tyrant plaguing their lands. Or at least persuade his mother to have a word with him.

7.      Other superheroes get proper powers. Not frog-man. Oh no. And everybody thinks that he’s just some sort of police diver.

8.      The city’s frog races are all run by criminal rackets, but when a pretty biologist with an amphibious fixation wanders into a PI’s office one man stands up for what’s right. Or he would if the frog poison derived alcohol had worn off.


Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Never would have guessed "frogs", but hey, whatever works. How do you find out what gets typed in the search?

stu said...

Go into stats and traffic sources. There's a bit on 'search keywords'. You could also check out referring google pages if you wanted to be thorough, though I didn't.

Andrea Teagan said...

Are you serious, frogs???!

These are lovely ideas for frog stories. very inspiring.

L.G.Smith said...

You know what's weird? I've got a story on the back burner that involves a frog and a witch, though not in the way you might expect. Hmmm, can't wait to start writing that one some day and blogging about it. I'll get a whole new batch of odd people visiting the old blog. :))

Donna Hole said...

Cool. I may have nightmares about frogs tonight, lol.