Thursday, 19 April 2012

Q is for...

A quick quiz, taken from Villains’ Monthly (sorry, I forgot about today).

Someone drops their ring. Do you:

A- Return it.
B- Take it to the cleansing fire to end their reign of evil.
C- Claim it and use its power to rule them all.

Someone has just broken into your home, do you:

A- Call the police.
B- Rush downstairs with a battle axe ready to slay the incoming horde
C- Roll over, secure in the knowledge that the big pit with spikes in will deal with things.

Your idea of a perfect day out involves:

A- A nice trip out to the beach with your loved ones.
B- A hike across a blasted heath to find a hidden object at the bottom of a dangerous hole.
C- Several thousand minions following you, looting and pillaging as they go.

An elderly gentleman appears to have wandered into the street in his dressing gown. Do you:

A- Ask if he is all right.
B- Ask why all his recruiting policies are so discriminatory against anyone over four feet tall and demand a place in his next party.
C- Run for your secret redoubt of evil, dodging spells as best you can.

The finest things in life are:

A- I don’t know, jammy dodgers?
B- The death of your enemies, the lamentation of their women, and the ability to remember all of the quote when the barbarian chief next asks.
C- Those bred by Phil’s House of Things. Especially the tentacled ones.

Your idea of a good dress code for an evening out is:

A- Anything the bouncers will let you into the club with.
B- Anything including a club, and also furry underwear
C- Black, with spikes.

So, how did you score?

Mostly As- Sorry, you appear to be depressingly normal, weak, and irrationally moral. Seek help at once.
Mostly Bs- You seem to be a hero. Are you sure you’re reading the right magazine?
Mostly Cs- Congratulations, you are a perfectly well adjusted villain. Keep it up.

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