Thursday, 1 March 2012

I've been offline for a few days, thanks to an accident with the phone cables around my house this time last week. I thought, as a way of showing up again, I'd mention a few thoughts that occurred to me about the relationship between writing and the internet:
  1. You don't realise how big an impact the internet has until you aren't on it. Suddenly, I wasn't able to connect with people as a writer, or indeed in any other way than face to face. I can see now just why the internet is such a massive tool for us. When you think about it, I have a US based publisher, using primarily online distribution methods for sales, and I'm marketing mostly online. Even if my books are paper and ink ones as well as ebooks, I'm very much an online author.
  2. I actually wouldn't be able to do my job without the internet. Oh, ghostwriters existed long before it, but really, getting in touch with potential clients must have been hard. Now, I can do work for people all over the world. It's worth being grateful for.
  3. It showed me just how important a tool it is for connecting to people normally. Without it, I was in danger for a bit there of doing the whole writing in a garret thing, given that I work from home. No facebook. No blogging. None of those strange little conversations in the middle of the day. Not even the opportunity to post random lists of things. In case I don't make it clear, online support is very useful.
  4. There was one upside, though, in the form of no distractions. It's amazing how those brief breaks to check your emails can add up when you're writing, and how much you get done when there isn't the opportunity.


April Plummer said...

It really is amazing how much we rely on the internet, isn't it? I rarely go without it, and in fact, I haven't gone without since I decided to start marketing my brand and self-publish. I'm a little nervous to go without, actually, and I don't really see a situation where I will purposely be completely without it. With less of it, yes, like while on vacation. But not completely absent of it - unless we have a situation like yours or the world ends or something crazy like that. :)

The thing is, even writing would be more difficult because we can't use the internet to research, and libraries aren't as easily accessible for research as they used to be.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

This would've been a bad week for me to be unplugged! I don't do it often, but you're right - no Internet means no distraction.

Christine Rains said...

I get anxious just at the thought of losing my internet connection. Yet I can imagine how productive I would be without it!

Donna Hole said...

That's why bloggers have to "go dark" sometimes; to get some work done.

My day job involves the internet also - and no I'm not a programmer or anything remotely IT - and when the internet is down, nothing gets done in the office.

Wow, sometimes I can't believe how dependent we are now on the internet. At work, at home, in schools. Such a different world than when I was growing up.