Friday, 10 February 2012


We’ve still got snow, which is fine for me in terms of working, because it’s not like I have to go out to write, but it does have a fairly obvious effect on the writing itself. The whole landscape of what I write changes. Fantasy novels acquire sweeping vistas of snow and ice (or at least irritating sleet and rain the hero can’t do anything about), while even other novels acquire chilly night and characters who have forgotten their coats (note to the chaps who came into the pub last night after fencing, what were you thinking?).

I suppose it’s just one of the ways the real world influences writing without any conscious interference from the author. At least it means some nice variation in material, but I can see a couple of obvious dangers with it. The first is that it rather limits your release dates, since books full of snow traditionally tend not to get released in the middle of summer.

The second is that it takes a while to write a novel. So long, in fact, that by the time you’ve got to the end, it might be a different season altogether. So you start out writing nice wintery scenes, then by the end, they’re frolicking around in sunlit meadows. Continuity error ahoy.

Oh, one more thing. I’ve laid claim to my author profile on Goodreads, mostly because I’m on there anyway and I suspect it’s the kind of thing you’re meant to do. So if anyone wants to say hello there, I’m over there. Also, now I have it, does anyone know what you’re meant to do with that kind of thing?


Amanda Borenstadt said...

Super post. I'm influenced by the seasons (which keep changing) too. I have to remind myself which seasons the characters are experiencing.

My WIP takes place in California (where I live) and nature plays an important role. I don't want the wrong flowers blooming at the wrong time. :p

stu said...

That can be a weird one for me, Amanda. Some of my ghost writing work is set in other countries, and it can be hard remembering that they aren't all down to minus ten celcius at the moment.

Clara said...

I'm clueless about Google + to be honest. : ( But I´ll try to find ya there!
Ha, the inverse happens to me: When its winter I write summer stuff. Guess its just my crazy way of coping with this crappy coldness.

stu said...

I'm fairly sure Google + and Goodreads are two separate things. At least, I hope they are.