Saturday, 4 February 2012

In times of snow

So we’ve had snow. In celebration, some fantasy adaptations to more unusual weathers:

1. Armour plated umbrellas. Needed when rains of fish, bicycles, etc are common.
2. Nets. In case said rains of stuff contain anything valuable.
3. Rainbow end point predictors. Because those leprechauns owe you money, and they aren’t getting away that easily.
4. Really big lightning rods, to make sure that monster rises on cue.
5. String. Useful for finding your way back when stuck in the inevitable fantasy impenetrable fog, which always seems so much thicker than the real sort.
6. Armour vents. For those villains who want to make the spiky armour thing work in extreme heat.
7. Thermal wizardly robes.
8. Fire extinguishers. Because rains of fire seem to be so much more common in fantasy than anywhere else. Also lightning strikes, sudden magma bursts, and the release of fire elementals into the world.


mshatch said...

I will take one thermal wizardly robe, please :)

stu said...

I'm out of them at the moment, though I believe other people do stock them. For some reason, they insist on labelling them as 'dressing gowns' though.