Friday, 13 January 2012

The e-book version is out!

A few days ahead of the paperback version, my comic fantasy novel Court of Dreams is out in kindle format from Amazon.

It's simultaneously a parody of quite a lot of the urban faerie stuff out there at the moment and a gloriously strange adventure in its own right, featuring a full cast of evil fairy princesses, forgetful assassins, not very nightmarish nightmare hunts and figments of the imagination.


April Plummer said...

I admit it's not really my thing, but that doesn't take away my excitment for you! I'll definitely take a look!

stu said...

Thanks. Obviously vaguely Pratchett-esque ramblings aren't for everyone. I'm just hoping at the moment that there are lots of people they are for.

Francine Howarth: UK said...


Good for you and good luck! Sometimes steady as she go sales are preferable to big splash and then sink... That said there's no accounting for how rankings work at Amazon. I always appear nearer to bottom of the heap but sales are steady and consistent.

I'm holding a Tag-Party blogfest for self-pubbed Indie authors for Feb 4-5th. Tagging a book helps boost a book's profile, and reviews can be thin on the ground despite having posted on Amazon for other people. Reciprocation is not necessarily name of the game! But I'll give yours a read, and get back to you. I need to top u my kindle this weekend. BTW: I don't expect a man to reciprocate on reviews of historical romance. ;)