Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Court of Dreams and Giveaway!

It's the eighteenth, which means just one thing for me- Court of Dreams releases in paperback format today! It's my humorous fantasy effort, showing that magical journeys through fairy kingdoms don't always have to make that much sense, and featuring all kinds of strange things, from forgetful fairy assassins to suspiciously australian figments of the imagination. It can be purchased either from my publisher or from Amazon (Amazon UK if you live here)

To celebrate, I'm giving away a couple of copies. I'm doing one in the traditional way, which is to select someone randomly, but with additional chances of winning if you help me to let the world know about the novel so you get an extra chance if you do either of the following:

  •  Mention Court of Dreams' release on your blog or Facebook
  • Put the rather lovely cover somewhere on your blog
  • Mention this giveaway with a link back here
Those are all fairly easy to do, so there's really no reason not to. Just let me know in the comments if you did. Getting the second copy will take slightly more creativity. In the novel, my faerie huntsman Grave has a coat, the pockets of which seem to contain anything and everything. I'd like you to suggest something that might conceivably have ended up in there. The more outlandish the better. The strangest, silliest, most inventive suggestion in the comments wins (this is entirely arbitrary on my part). For inspiration, you could try looking at the Deja Vu Blogfest bit I did, which features Grave hunting through his pockets through much of it.

This will run until midday UK time on Sunday, after which I'll pick out winners.


April Plummer said...

Congrats on your release! I've never bought a comic before, ever. But I'll Tweet about it and share it on FB and maybe I'll win a copy and fall in love with it and buy lots more from you in the future!

stu said...

Good luck, April. Though that's comic as in comedy, not as in pictures. Think vaguely of the style of Terry Pratchett, cut the talent roughly in half, and you're there.

April Plummer said...

I'm an idiot. LOL

Joshua said...

Congrats! And still a fantastic cover design.

Donna Hole said...

Great cover Stu. I'll bet it will be fun to read.

I'll post this on my blog tonight, FB and google + tonight. Are you sure you don't want to run it a little longer to get more exposure and more people to enter?

Anyway, I love the concept. Congrats on the release.


stu said...

There's a longer giveaway running over on Goodreads for that side of things.

Trisha said...

I saw you and your work mentioned on Donna Hole's blog, sounds like lots of fun!

Michael Di Gesu said...

All the best on your release Stu. I put up your contest/cover on my blog on Friday.

stu said...

Thanks, both of you. Michael, I think I saw it, so don't worry, you were in the draw.