Wednesday, 2 November 2011


The thing with magical worlds is that they can show up almost anywhere. Here are just a few of the places they might, if you aren’t careful:

1. Let’s start with the classic. At the back of wardrobes. This can be a problem for anyone involved in removals and/or the antiques trade. In fact, certain antiques dealers might well take steps to deal with anything that came out.
2. Under the bed. There’s a reason there are monsters there, and it’s mostly because some bloody idiot has stuck a piece of bedroom furniture right over their back garden.
3. A crack in the wall. As I believe I illustrated perfectly well in this old blogfest.
4. Just on the other side of a locked gate, to which the key has recently been found, in preparation for the renovations of the ‘vacant’ area on the other side.
5. Just down the road that your Sat Nav tells you really is the perfect short cut. After all, these things are never actually short cuts.
6. In someone’s pocket, under a selection of sweet wrappers.
7. In a book, accessible by reading it, and possibly very dangerous if the same principle applies to the very hungry caterpillar (I was watching a wildlife thing that happened to feature fluffy bear caterpillars earlier. I can’t remember the book mentioning anything about a fourteen year lifecycle)
8. Overlayered with our world, and accessed just by some ordinary action that is far too easy to be really safe. Getting back might be harder.


Joshua said...

What about "banished wizards sending students doing Dungeons & Dragons to the other world in an attempt to get him back there?"

stu said...

I think I vaguely remember the cartoon.