Wednesday, 16 November 2011

It's not easy being small

Have you noticed how fantasy quests always seem to be aimed at big people? Oh, you get the odd hobbit and dwarf roped into quests to mount something or other, but frankly, they're not that far off normal size. Big enough to swing a battleaxe in either hand, in the case of most dwarves. What about quests for the really little people, like gnomes, pixies, and so on? Here are a few ideas, taking into account a few of the differences in scale:
  1. An epic journey to the other end of a garden to retrieve something from the fabled Patio of Doom.
  2. A quest to slay the great armoured beast (a tortoise. Note to tortoise lovers, it doesn't have to be a successful quest).
  3. A cunning theft, which works for the simple reason that our heroes fit into the evil wizard's pockets as he goes back into his home.
  4. An even more cunning theft, infiltrating somewhere through a mighty labyrinth that might or might not be a collection of mouse holes.
  5. A traditional quest for someone hobbit sized, involving a magical ring (which is about the size of a hula hoop on a very small fairy)
  6. Fighting a giant, troll, or other creature that would seem very big even to the rest of us. The first stage is to get its attention and convince it that yes, you do really want to fight.
  7. Protesting against the clearance of your ancient ancestral lands (someone's allotment)


Joshua said...

I'm suddenly reminded of the the second and third Tinkerbell movies that have come out the last few years, speaking of pixies.

stu said...

There were Tinkerbell films?

Joshua said...

Three so far. A fourth comes out next year. Direct to DVD, but I'll admit that they're actually pretty well done.

Donna Hole said...

Honey I Shrunk The Kids comes to mind :)

Are you writing any of these Stu?


stu said...

Probably not. I occasionally include things off my lists in other, bigger, pieces, but there's no obvious place to include these at the moment.