Friday, 11 November 2011

Alternatives to Spellbooks.

  1. Spell scrolls, spell tablets, spell e-books. These are just the spell book in a slightly different technology. Though I'm sure some wizards will still go on about the smell of the virgins blood on the pages and the lovely feel of the vellum, plus weight and space considerations aren't such a big deal when you have apprentices around to carry things.
  2. Have frogs that turn into the relevant spell forms with the right spell, which will presumably be stored on another frog and... well, you'll need a lot of frogs.
  3. Have some spelling bees. Yes, that's right, specially trained bees that fly in formation to make mystic runes. Effects of eating their honey may vary.
  4. Have all the reminders for your spells written on the back of your hand. Possibly one for wizards finding themselves under sudden exam conditions.
  5. Spell words attached to a mechanical manservant by way of fridge magnets. Some elements of this may be hard to get hold of. Oh, and mechanical manservants aren't that common either.
  6. For maximum permanency, carve them into a big stone wall that definitely isn't going anywhere ever, except when the Council of Mages points out that you forgot to get planning permission.
  7. For mages with castles in the clouds, balloons, or other flying machines, cut them into chalk cliffs to be viewed from above, or grow stands of trees in the right shapes.
  8. Have a single long piece of cloth on which every spell is written. Of course, it will need to be unwound every time you need to check an invocation.
  9. Find a creature with a famously good memory (such as an... no it's gone again) and get it to remember things, then communicate with it through a magical device which is perfectly safe, because you put it down just... um...
  10. Use small pieces of jewellery as physical reminders, though more powerful mages may end up clanking a little as they move.

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