Thursday, 22 September 2011

We Have A Cover

My publisher has just unveiled the front cover for my novel to the public. It's probably a bit early for heavy promotion yet, since we're looking at a January 1212 release what with all the stuff you have to do first, but facebook-y types can see it over at Pink Narcissus Press's account if they feel that way inclined. I would show you, but it's not in a file format that blogger seems to like, at the moment.

On the ghostwriting front, I'm working on a collection of short stories with Arran Gimba, which has so far covered the zombie apocalypse, meditations on lost cities, and building universes in sheds. I should also be starting work on another novel in a day or so, for a client who, understandably, wants to be named rather less than Arran does.

Just out of interest, did anyone have a look at the history one I did with Keith Lenart? It's one of the weird things with being a ghostwriter that while technically, the reviews don't matter to you, in practice, they generally do, because they're the best feedback you're going to get on what you're doing. Although, as I know from one of my more regular gigs, you do then spend your time staring at the bad reviews and trying to work out which bits were down to you, and which bits were assorted other people involved. Mentally shifting the blame is the first skill of the writer. It's rather like being England cricket captain in the 1990s in that respect.

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