Saturday, 24 September 2011

All kinds of things have been going on this week. I'm edging along slowly with a novel that I've been working on for a while now, although I'm slightly worried that I only vaguely know where I'm going with it. I suspect this one may be just something I do bits of more for the process than anything, though hopefully it will come out all right. I always think you can tell when someone is enjoying writing something.

That's something that very definitely applies to the short stories I've been working on. Helping to put together a short story collection is harder than it sounds, not so much because individual stories are difficult, but because you have to write them to order, and write quite a lot. But this one is so much fun it's not a problem.

I picked up a copy of the Wind in the Willows earlier in the week, and I'm reading it now for the simple reason that I never did so as a child. Is that something you ever do? Go back to things you wish you'd read? I'm enjoying it quite a lot. There's something about the whimsy of it that suits me.

On the martial arts front, I've picked up a couple of regular gigs writing about them, just putting together small blog posts and articles. One thing I've found with ghostwriting is that it's actually these smaller, regular gigs that give you peace of mind, because you know you have a certain amount of basic income coming in, without taking up so much space that it gets in the way of the bigger, one off jobs.

And finally, the start of the fencing season has rolled around, meaning that, as usual, I'm worrying about my technique. That's pretty much a given at this time of year, though.

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