Thursday, 18 August 2011

I've been working away on other people's novels as usual this week, and making good progress, but one thing I have noticed is that it has made me suddenly very picky about my own work. I'm less inclined to say of an idea 'that's good enough' and trust in myself to make it better as I go along. I think that's partly just a time thing. I have less time for my own projects now (which I'm sure is true of anyone with a full time job) so I have to be more cautious about what I commit time to. There's also the question of seeing things done over and over again. I see so many stories at the moment that I know I want to do something better, something different. Something that catches my mental eye so much I just have to do it. I'm toying with a couple of ideas at the moment, and I'm still not quite sure which I'll end up committing to.

On an entirely different note, the martial arts class I have been going to has closed. They tend to. One of the things you find with classes is that there tend to be a lot in any given area, which spreads numbers thinner. Plus, people still invariably want to do the same one or two arts. I'll be looking for somewhere else to train, but I've realised that I've become, if anything, even pickier about that kind of thing than about novels. Still, I'll probably end up at a small submission grappling class somewhere (it apparently has to be that rather than BJJ because I've just learnt that the latter has all kinds of rules about having to do my beloved leg locks badly if you want to do them at all.)

If anyone hasn't seen the post below this, plugging Keith Lenart's 'What Really Happened' e-book, I advise you to look at it now. It's just over a pound, and it has lots of my short stories in (I'm named as a contributor on this one, so I get to say it.)

I'm currently reading three Tom Holt books at once. It's fun trying to remember which bit of plot goes where.

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