Saturday, 30 July 2011

Things to Do

The second Test seems to be determined to be as dramatic as possible, what with Stuart Broad’s hat trick, England’s low score, assorted injuries, and so forth. I saw most of the first day (working in front of the TV being a perk of freelancing) but ignored much of today.

I was outside for some of it. I realised today just how much I take living on a beautiful farm for granted, and how little I actually go outside. Also how rubbish I am at identifying plants (I thought some raspberries were nettles). The cat hid in a hedge and stalked me while I hunted down a solitary blackberry.

I went back to an old short story yesterday. I tucked it away as not worth sending out, but one re-read (and quick change to 1st person present) later, it’s looking good. I’m also trying to think of what my next personal project should be. My initial feeling is short stories, since they can help promote the novel as it comes out. I also have a couple of other novels tucked away (the possible sequel to Court of Dreams and my YA Brian Northington one) that will need some attention.

Yet I’ve just started writing a list of things I might include in a different novel. I’m not sure about the most basic details of it yet, such as whether to start in this world or work entirely in a fantasy one, yet I already know I want to include both evil rites learned from a mail order course and redecorating villains. No, I don’t know how either.

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