Sunday, 17 July 2011

Release Dates

Revisions for Court of Dreams seem to be almost done, assuming that nothing obvious springs out now that the first few rounds are done. Hopefully, therefore, I’ll be able to tell you all more about the final thing shortly.

Including, hopefully, when it will be out, though I want to be certain on that front before I say anything. Release dates strike me as potentially one of the trickier issues when it comes to books, and not just novels. Having an official release date for things is helpful, because it obviously allows you to plan announcements, contests, blogtours, invasions by tentacled Things to celebrate, and so forth. I know from my first couple of novels that, when I only really found out about their release by accident, it didn’t make for a well organised initial campaign.

I’ve also noticed that it can be problematic to announce these things too soon, however. Specifically, problems arise if you put something down on the calendar before it’s done enough as a project to be certain about. This happened with one book I was ghostwriting. I got it in, but then the editors didn’t like lots of bits (the jokes, mostly), and the whole thing dragged on as they picked it apart, with the result that the thing just wasn’t there for the planned hoopla, and it hasn’t done quite as well as others by the same person, despite being one of my better efforts.

Or take a whole clutch of books I’m vaguely intrigued by in my role as an occasional submission grappler (or at least victim to those that can do it properly). Along with most of the jiu-jitsu world, I’ve been looking forward to Eddie Bravo’s Advanced Rubber Guard for ages, and I’ve also been looking at a couple of other books by the same publishing house, which seemed to be incredibly well organised, given that it was releasing several titles at once, all on the tenth of this month. Now of course, it turns out that was just some kind of provisional date, and no one seems to know when these things are actually out. It’s discouraging.

So, for now at least, I’ll be careful about suggesting when Court of Dreams might be out. When I do know more, I’ll undoubtedly jump up and down pointing to a big foam cut out of the date, but since you won’t be able to see that, I’ll also post about it.


Donna Hole said...

Good luck with the release date; I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Ghost writing sounds like fun.


Erin Kane Spock said...

This is very exciting. Sending my happy thoughts your way.