Monday, 4 July 2011

Frog Spells

Yet more thoughts on frogs. Because I can, that’s why. Specifically, an expansion of an idea that a particular witch might only be good at frog related spells. They have more uses than you might think:

1. Turning into them is obvious, but still the classic.
2. For healing. Minor ailments are dealt with by removing the frog from your throat in a very literal sense. Other problems could be transformed into greater numbers of frogs as they go. Or a cure could involve having a frog sit on the affected part.
3. For message delivery (creating a frog that hops off to the desired recipient) Get enough witches doing this, and eventually, they’ll all be telling one another about their lives using it. Frogspot.
4. Creating almost anything else by starting out with frogs. Useful if you have a princess handy too.
5. Generic attacking spells. All right, so fire and lightning are more traditional, but who really wants to be on the receiving end of a giant tree frog travelling at speed?
6. In fact, take all those classic D&D elemental type spells and substitute the word frogs at the appropriate point. Seek frogs, summon frogs, even wall of frogs.
7. For a charm/compulsion, where you either do as you’re told, or become progressively more froglike.

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Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

dude, frogs are awesome. And i'm working on a WIP that has a jungle of deadly wild magic and now i need to throw in some crazy frogs.