Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ten Uses For Frogs

Since my story in Rapunzel’s Daughters is a take on the classic frog prince idea, I thought I’d provide some ways to get more frogs into your stories. After all, what story isn’t improved by a few dozen amphibians?

1. Turn someone into one. Go on. You know you want to. It’s a classic. There’s nothing quite like that moment when your insurance salesman secondary character utters the words “a long term endowment- ribbit!”
2. Have a plague of them. If you want to send the magical equivalent of a horse’s head in the bed to a character, why not say it with frogs?
3. Poison a character with them. Looking for an unusual way to kill off a character? Why not introduce them to a poison arrow frog in an unexpected spot?
4. Have a character keep one as a pet. Depending on the genre, it might or might not be a transformed person.
5. Use them to evoke a swampy atmosphere.
6. Have your characters plot an escape for a boxful at a fancy restaurant before they become appetisers.
7. Deliver messages with them. (So much springier than owls)
8. Have the seedy pub your character goes to feature frog racing (all the frogs inside a circle. First one to the edge wins)
9. Feature a witch who only knows spells that involve them.
10. Have a rare species of them block an important development, creating problems for gangsters, lawyers, or environmentalist characters.


Tessa Conte said...

*grin* Say it with frogs, indeed.

Your posts always make me smile (or rather laugh so hard I get coffee up my nose, but I won't go into that).

ps. word verification: "rebbet", I kid you not!


David Jace said...

I love it. Great post!

#11. Have one run for office. Not everyone, after all, is into fantasy. ;) (I am, though.)

Donna Hole said...

wiches and frogs go together like peas and carrots :)