Monday, 6 June 2011


I wrote this a while back, the first time (at the risk of sounding like a total fanboy) that I heard Sonny Landreth play. I've been going through some old stuff, and I thought you might like it.


A simple curve of glass
Pressed against wound wire
Shouldn’t sing like this

Shouldn’t resonate to hearts
Wrung taut as top strings
Or know anything of sorrow

How can this long held note
Drifting into feedback
Ever know what loss is

Somehow though it reaches
Speaking aches like angels
Long fallen to this world

Knowing other beauty
Mourning its once held ghost
And begging for return


Elizabeth Mueller said...

I love poetry. It always has a lulling effect on me. Thanks for sharing your heart! :D

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Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Nice. Something soothing for my soul before I go to the H for some tests.