Tuesday, 22 March 2011

He Lives in a What?

Ten alternatives to the traditional wizard's tower:

  1. A wizard's shed. After all, wizards are basically the sort of bloke who practises an obscure hobby in a potting shed, only without the long suffering wives to make them practise it there.
  2. A tower built up level by level as successive generations of wizards add one each. (I may use this in a minute)
  3. A wizard's camper van. Because all the best wizards are mobile, and probably hippies too.
  4. An infinitely enlargeable pointy hat, complete with interior decorations and floors.
  5. A wizard's sphere, bubble, or other strange shape. Because towers don't exactly say 'I can only do this because of the magic'
  6. A sunny garden, just the other side of a small portal.
  7. An upscale penthouse, at the top of a hotel or apartment block tower.
  8. A hole in the ground, taken from the last annoying little chap who refused to do courier work for him.
  9. The inside of a sleeping giant demon's tusk/horn.
  10. Your house, next Tuesday, because skipping forward in time is a sure way to make sure that no one is in. Only next Tuesday you will be, so now he has to do something about it.


Angeline said...

Love the thought of the wizard in the shed! He was taking up the spare room with his stupid hobby, so his wife banished him out to the shed.
First thing he did was set up a bell in the kitchen with a string to the shed so he can ring it when he wants a cuppa!
I gotta use that idea...

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

No, an unasuming little cottage in a beautiful wood, where they don't draw attention to themselves. That where the ones that I know live.