Tuesday, 18 January 2011


One of the side effects of my occasional "It's horrible, delete it all!" moments is that I sometimes find myself restarting things a couple of times. Court of Dreams took me three aborted attempts before I got a finished draft, for example.

One thing that means is that I'm often going over old ground. It's an odd feeling, because I am at the same time trying to remember where I was going with the story and trying to avoid the mistakes I made with it. It's a balancing act that takes a certain amount of work to achieve. The piece I'm currently doing it with wasn't actually that bad when I got rid of it, so I'm spending a lot of time trying to remember how it originally went, and not entirely succeeding. Still, so long as I get something finished eventually.

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Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

If I feel like I need a drastic change and am starting afresh, I always make and keep a copy of the original, in case I sorely reget getting rid of something. Better safe than sorry.