Friday, 7 January 2011

History is Funny Enough

At the moment I'm helping to write a sort of funny alternate history thing about how major historical events really happened. One of the curious things about it, however, is that often the real history is weird enough in its own right. For example:

  • Did you know that the battle of Stamford Bridge was lost by the Norse primarily because they had all taken their armour off, it being a bit of a warm day?
  • That the Golden Horde which nearly conquered as far as Vienna in 1241 turned back because Ogedei, mongol ruler and son of Ghegiz Khan had died in a drinking game?
  • That the Marquis de Sade managed to get himself transfered from the Bastille ten days before it was taken, and his papers weren't collected on the basis that they would be perfectly safe there?
  • That Phillip II of France skived off from the Third Crusade with a belly ache, mostly as an excuse to nip back and steal Normandy while Richard I was out?


The Golden Eagle said...

No, I did't know any of that . . . wow. Those are some strange historical facts! Thanks for the post!

Christine H said...

Oh, fascinating stuff, Stu! I love history, but don't have time to delve deeply into it. So I rely on you for these kinds of posts.

Tessa Conte said...


OMG yes history IS funny enough.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lists, stu!!!