Tuesday, 21 December 2010


  • Finally, a fiction ghostwriting project that I don't have to keep secret. I'm currently working on a vaguely history based thing (what "really happened" at various famous events) and you'll be glad to know that a couple of blogfests here helped me get the gig, since I used my old bar scene and my sword in the stone thing as samples.
  • My most technologically rewarding moment ever: ordering thumb picks over the internet. I'm all for supporting local music shops, but not when they completely ignore me over plectrum isssues. Now, how do I download them?
  • I've sent my questions to Adam, and look forward to getting some suitably odd responses.
  • Having seen David Suchet on a programme about the Orient Express, I am now reading Murder on the Orient Express.
  • I'm still writing half a dozen things. I haven't deleted them. Yay.

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