Wednesday, 15 December 2010


  • I'm currently working hard to get some copywriting out of the way before Christmas, as well as working on another ghostwritten novel. I might also have some comedy history stuff coming up in the new year, so it's busy times all round.
  • Nevertheless, I have still found time to do a little more work on my own stuff. I'm getting to the stage with the things that are out where I should probably hear something about them in due course.
  • I've been going to my local ju-jitsu class the past couple of weeks, and I have noticed two things. First, it is basically a karate class with a few throws, so I probably won't keep going. Second, I'm inclined to try odd moves that I have never been taught. In a bit of groundwork for someone's grading the other week, I pulled off a rubber guard/gogoplata combination that I stole off a computer game. I'm sure this is not how normal people do things.
  • I have also been reminding myself of the full Lee style tai chi form. Normally, I only bother with the short form, but it's nice to go back and work on the whole thing occasionally.
  • I'm currently reading Sir Thomas Mallory's Morte de Arthur, as well as Tom Holt's Expecting Someone Taller. I know which I'll finish first.
  • I'll be joining the fairy tale blogfest on the 18th, with something Snow White based.

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