Saturday, 9 October 2010


  • My YA Brian Northington story is up to about 45000 words at the moment. I suspect that the full thing will be a little over 50000, which is obviously quite short, but I have some specific people in mind for it who seem to like that length.
  • It's curious how much characters have to change and shift between short stories and longer work. Brian has to be a bit more sensible just to function over a longer story, despite being younger. Spider has to have some good reasons to stay that grumpy. And as for Trouble the not-quite-chameleon, he has changed into something very different indeed.
  • I've been rooting around in old boxes to find things to re-read, though I'm having trouble settling on anything. A very brief traditional fantasy kick seems to be coming on as a result, which will no doubt be followed by parody.
  • I have been applying for real jobs again, the ghostwriting not really having enough progression in it to sustain itself long term. On the other hand, it does mean that I get to apply just for the things I really want, rather than being in that awful situation of applying for everything in the hopes that something comes up.


Hannah Kincade said...

Looking for a job sucks but at least you're making great novel progress.

Will Burke said...

I envy the freedom to be picky. Sorry the ghost-writing isn't doing the trick.

Donna Hole said...

Interesting stuff the think about.

Good luck with your job hunting. I hope you still have writing time once you are employed.