Thursday, 2 September 2010

You've turned him into what?

Further to my comments on frogs, below, a list of alternative things to turn that pesky handsome prince into:

  1. An expert on frogs.
  2. A small potted plant.
  3. A piece of office equipment (cf Tom Holt's photocopier and long stapler in the Portable Door series)
  4. An accountant.
  5. A bird (Actually almost as traditional as the frogs)
  6. A Princess
  7. A handmirror (allowing all sorts of magic mirror moments)
  8. A commoner
  9. A packet of organic biscuits with a note about achitecture attached (this joke may only work for UK readers)
  10. Whichever fairytale animal happens to parody the story- pigs, wolves, and occasional swans are all fairly common.
  11. A hard-boiled detective in a trench coat (or other wildly inappropriate cross-genre character. Probably only temporary)
  12. A wicked witch. Who can then turn the original into a handsome prince.
  13. A cruet set
  14. A fluffy kitten (particularly appropriate for manly/dumb jock type princes)
  15. A handsome prince who happens to look almost identical (no, this is not a failure. This is just the triumph of technical ability over common sense)
  16. A hatstand
  17. Seven smaller princes who must be collected up to restore them.
  18. An extra shadow.
  19. A character in a largely unperformed play
  20. Or, if you really want to, a frog.


Ariana Richards said...

They've certainly all got potential...though I can see an eclectic range of markets for turning him into a princess.

aspiring_x said...

how about a newt?


he'll get better! :)

Elena Solodow said...

This is great!

Tessa Conte said...

LOL omg you crack me up, seriously you do.

Mia said...

ZOMG. Hahaha.

Hatstand,that's GENIUS.

Kelly Dexter said...

Yes, yes, yes to number seventeen!

Also, small potted plant is an amusing choice. Sounds like something Terry Pratchett would come up with.

Angela M. said...

I'd especially go for #17 as long as each lil one was 1/7 as annoying as the original!

Clara said...

"A princess" lol, priceless Stu!=)

Eeleen Lee said...

turn the frog into a beautiful princess who has to kiss the other frogs who want to turn into handsome princes.

Endemic fairytale problem solved, heheh