Thursday, 2 September 2010

Urban Fantasy? What Urban Fantasy?

Well, that settles it. My royalties on the two novels came in today, and it seems that the readers agree with me that I am a comic fantasy writer rather than an urban fantasy one. It's unfortunate, but something to learn from. As such, the third installment in the series, which I not only considered, but actually began (faeries, Tina's memory, and extended trips to Cornwall), will now not be happening. I think we'd all rather I put the effort into things that might get a laugh.

Or into other things entirely. For some reason, I'm still hesitating about reworking my PhD, perhaps because I suspect it will take a total rewrite to get it publishable. Or maybe because I suspect that particular brand of convoluted academia-ese is hard to read. Surely, the idea of serious history that is also readable isn't too much to cope with?


aspiring_x said...

wait! i'm a new follower- you have two books out?!?!
what are they about?
and what's comic fantasy? i've never heard of that!

Mesmerix said...

You have books for sale? Where? Self-published? Amazon ebooks? Print?

I had no idea. I feel rather ditzy now.

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

If your strength is in the comedic aspect - run with it. At this point in my career, I would just like to be able to say word "royalty" and not mean the Queen!

RaShelle said...

Stu - Sorry to hear your third book isn't going to happen. And as far as your PhD? Well, actually for both the book and your paper, did/do you really want to do them? The thesis makes me queasy, but that's just me. I looked at your publishing cred and you're awesome!!! Good luck with your decisions. Have a great night. =D

stu said...

aspiring_x, Mesmerix, my two urban fantasy novels Searching and Witch Hunt are published by Double Dragon Publishing. The former, they decided to put out in ebook and POD, the latter just in ebook. Details can be found by clicking on the cover of Witch Hunt, which should be somewhere to your right on my main screen.

RaShelle, I've finished the PhD, so it's mostly just a case of finding time to convert it into something that academic publishers will want, most of them having an objection to the straight "book of the PhD".

stu said...

Oh, and comic fantasy= fantasy with funny bits.

Raquel Byrnes said...

Good luck with your new projects! I truly enjoy your entries into blogfest and the like. Hope you keep posting excerpts.

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