Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I took second place in the fairy tale blogfest, so a big thank you to everyone who voted for me, and congratulations to Aspiring_X, who wrote a very enjoyable post-apocalyptic pinnochio for first place.

Special thanks must go to Emily for running such an enjoyable blogfest.


Michelle said...

Congratulations! Your story rocked and second place is awesome. I hope you enter more writing contests.

Emily White said...

Congratulations, Stuart! I couldn't find your email address, so I'm just going to talk about your prizes here. Now, obviously, the partylite votive thing is a little girly. If you would still like it, I'll send it to you along with the book. If not, you still get the book, but I'll email you a $15 gift certificate from Amazon instead of the votive.

Either way, please email me at emilywhite_1112(at)yahoo(dot)com to give me your address so I can ship your prizes!

Congratulations, again!

aspiring_x said...

congrats stu! your entry was so funny!
emily has the funnest ideas doesn't she?