Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The New Fencing Season

My fencing club started for the year last week after taking August off. Some thoughts for the coming season, then.

  1. A sensible sort of goal for the season seems to be the acquisition of some ranking points, so watch out for curses of disappointment should Sheffield go the same way this year as last, when I came out a good ten places lower than two chaps I can beat for fun.
  2. Assuming a similar standard and turnout, I would also quite like to go that extra step in the Yorkshires this year and take a podium place. Of course, this very much depends on which people turn up.
  3. Which brings me to a couple of things I need to change this year. One is on the mental side of things, where my old mental blocks regarding 'serious' fencing seem to be back. This has gotten so bad that it even crops up fencing my friends. At the moment, it seems like the moment I'm in a scored bout, I'm in trouble.
  4. Part of this may be that I am making the mistake of trying to fence properly. In a straight sabre bout of attacks with plenty of feints, defence through distance, and presidents who aren't very precise, I will come off second best. I do a small number of quite odd things (like countertime, where you spend your time drawing out the riposte where you want it so that you can parry and riposte in turn) rather well, and though they aren't really the most efficient sabre game plan, it may be that they offer me better odds than trying to beat people at their own game.
  5. One slight difficulty this year may be the lack of high quality training partners. My usual opponent of choice has gone and got a life, or at least a job elsewhere. Now, while our club can boast one guy who is going to the commonwealth championships, it isn't in the right weapon, the really good guy who has just moved back to the area is only here until he finishes some research, and may be wandering over to Sheffield anyway, and most of our older sabreurs still fleche. The upshot may be that I have to spend some time in The Club I Don't Get On With, probably biting back the urge to hit people harder than I should.
I've just remembered why I don't write much about the fencing these days. I tend to whinge.


Jen said...

Wow... who knew there was so much to know about fencing. I learned more in the past five minutes than I have in my entire life about fencing...

I sorta find it fascinating... which also I find strange. Hmm.

aspiring_x said...

good luck with it man! i hope someone good gets their job transferred near you so you can have a sparring partner, and not have to go to that other club!!!
and i hope you can get past the mental block!!

Raquel Byrnes said...

Uh...all I heard were random French words and that people were moving away. @_@

Hope you get some good practice time in. Sounds like you're determinded to do well this year. Good luck.

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

The heroine in one of my novels has a few encounters with a sword. I'd be terrified for you to read them. I researched, but heaven only knows if I did it justice. lol