Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Writing Without Writing

One curiousity of the last little while is that I haven't done much work on my writing. This seemed odd, because I had definitely been writing, until it occurred to me that what I had mostly been writing was for other people.

I have resolved, as such, to get some of my own writing done, and just as importantly, to get it sent out. I have hardly written any short stories this year, and that seems a shame, even if finding a place for my particular brand of weirdness isn't always straightforward.

I have also resolved to have another go at sending CofD out to agents and things (possibly Things will like it, assuming that they have enough eyeballs to read it. Your basic Thing can be a bit unpredictable in that regard.)

I may even have a go at some more poetry, though possibly not.

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damiandaily said...

I need to do the same. I've also been doing some writing projects for other people and travelling a lot. I need to get back to my own fiction. Best of luck with your writing!