Friday, 27 August 2010

Danger, What Danger?

I've started re-working the Brian Northington stuff as YA, but one slight thought has occurred to me. Almost all of this sort of fantasy YA involves young people wandering off, taking tremendous risks for no better reason than that somebody the other side of a keyboard demands it. Is this a responsible way to treat our young characters? Should I perhaps be writing him nice and safe at home? Well no, obviously not. That wouldn't be funny.

Still, it seems faintly amusing that, in a world where so many parents won't let their kids play outside or walk to school alone for fear of the things that might happen to them, we still find it perfectly consistent that our YA characters should do such stupidly dangerous stuff.


Indigo said...

The last paragraph is exactly why it would appeal to that age group. With restrictions like that, who wouldn't want to envision freedom and escape. (Hugs)Indigo

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Maybe if we let them do it (the dangerous stuff)through the books they read, they will be content to keep safe in the real world.

It's like when the right wing extremists get bent out of shape over video games. My boys are in their twenties. They are so far from being axe murderers it isn't even funny. They are kind, considerate and forthright and I let them play all sorts of things because, not once did I see any negative effect. I think the kids that go off the deep end would have done so anyway and probably because of a lot of other crap in their lives.

Having said all that, I know what you are saying. WE are the ones putting the ideas out there - but we can't be responsible for the whole world - their parents have to ground them in reality and that should have taken place long before they become YA.

Raquel Byrnes said...

I first noticed this while reading the Harry Potter series and I think its a huge part of the pull these stories have with kids. The rash decisions, the perilous situations, and the seemingly unconcerned adults all really hype up the adventure. I kinda like it myself. Play it safe in with fire in my books.

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coffeelvnmom said...

Reminds me of myself. I'm one of those overly strict parents. And what I'm writing (YA) would make me FREAK OUT if I knew my kid was doing. LOL

I like what Wendy said. Maybe if they do it through books, they'll be content to stay safe in the real world!

Donna Hole said...

I don't like to agree; but I've lost my objective take on teenagers since I had my own. Four entering adulthood now, and the last one just entering puberty.

Gasp; I shudder at what this Bug will put me through.

I admire folks who can write the stories that will keep young people interested in reading and expanding their minds.

You go Stu! Because you have questions, you'll be able perhaps to supply answers also.