Thursday, 22 July 2010


  • The national fencing championships are in two days. I'm entered in the sabre, and will have to fence well just to make it past the initial cut (also to deal with assorted ones at head height). Random fencing tips welcome.
  • Plot, I have observed a couple of times, is not quite the same thing as having things happen to your characters. I write this thanks to some plotting issues at the moment, though hopefully nothing sufficiently major to slow me down.
  • Australia were all out for 88 yesterday, playing Pakistan. :)
  • The ghostwriting proceeds apace. Occasionally at a considerable pace. I wrote three chapters of a novel the other day. I'm considering getting a life at some point.
  • I also had an email back for a short story some six months after I had decided that they had probably rejected me without telling me. It was a rejection.

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