Saturday, 12 June 2010


Like a fool, I have followed my defeat at Sheffield by signing up for the national fencing championships. After all, if I'm going to be beaten, it might as well be by the best people in the country.

Things progress slowly on the novel writing/rewriting front. I've hardly done anything on my own this week, while my work on another ghostwriting project is limited by the time the client has available to produce outlines.

On the guitar, my continuing experiment with a thumbpick... um, continues, with surprisingly good results. The only downside is a tendency to play country guitar at unexpected moments, which wasn't really what I was aiming for.

You'll notice that I have made it through this post without mentioning the football World Cup. Well, until then. England play tonight, and I shall be looking for somewhere to hide to avoid it. I'm considering dragging out the cricket match I'm playing today specially, but I suspect that would result in the other players trying to kill me.

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