Thursday, 6 May 2010

Two important contests

So, the UK has gone to the polls with the usual issues about representation, fairness, tactical voting and so on. I won't comment too much on this except to say that I find it deeply irritating to live in a "safe" constituency, and find the increasingly presidential tone of british politics even more so, given that it's not how our political system was designed to work. (I say designed, but "fell together over the course of at least the past eight hundred years" might be more accurate.)

So, from the election to a contest I actually have a chance of influencing the result of- the Hull Crusaders Sword Club Sabre Competition. It's tonight. I seem to be the favourite, or I would be if we had odds, and opinion polls, and things. Actually, there's an idea... a swingometer doing the presiding. It might be better at it.


Stewart Sternberg said...

It is always fascinating to me to compare different political and economic systems. When I watch Congress freeze into gridlock in the United States, I become convinced that a parliamentary system is superior.

Jodie said...

The swingometer is dead man, let it go :) Crazy paving stone graphics are the new world we live in.

Ben Hutchins said...

Goodluck and swing away :)

stu said...

Stewart- of course, when I see the majority of things that happen in our governmental process happening because of crown powers exercised by a PM and ministers who have never been directly elected, I find myself yearning for something more presidental.

Jodie- I'm sure there's room for everything. After all, for most of an election night, there's nothing happening.

Ben- I think doing that may have been the problem.

DEZMOND said...

Congrats on the new prime minister, Stu :)