Monday, 17 May 2010

Sheffield, a short story, and cheese related injuries

So, I came a fairly rubbish 32nd in the Sheffield open, proving just how vital it is in these things to do well in the pool stages. After taking just long enough to wake up to finish last in mine, I won an easy L64 bout (most other people in the competition got byes) and then ran straight into the No.1 seed.

Have just had the galley proofs for my short story 'Guard Duty', due to go up over at Bards and Sages in their July issue. It's all about how those pesky heroes keep getting into all those keeps and things that are meant to be so well defended, as well as being about that moment where you realise that you might not have been told the truth by the people around you.

I continue apace with the ghost-writing, and hope to have finished the current project by the end of this week.

Did you know that it is possible to pick up cheese slicing injuries? It is, because I have. Apparently, Saturday's lack of facility with long blades has carried over into their shorter variety, meaning that my left thumb is now covered by quite a lot of sticking plaster.

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