Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I have been reading Craig Shaw Gardener's old Ebeneezum trilogy of comic fantasy novels. Very funny, but they do also show you just how influential a good cover can be. I only got hold of them because they looked a bit 'Pratchett-esque', and that was largely down to having covers by Josh Kirby.

I have finally got around to putting my entry together for the Sheffield Open sabre, and I happened to look at the entry list. There's someone there from my old club in Colchester. Colchester to Sheffield? That's quite a trek for a bit of fencing.

I found myself doing a bit of research on Azrael, the angel of death in most christian mythology, and it's amazing how often death shows up as a character in things. I'm not complaining, you understand (I can't when I've just written a chapter containing him, and when a slightly different death has already shown up in my short story 'The Apocalypse Factor') With all that popularity, it's just amazing that he has time for the day job.

Oh, and the cricket. Two wickets. For several million runs (ok, probably around forty). It seems that a significant minority of the deliveries I bowl are destined to go over deep mid-wicket's head for six. I also eked out the longest thirteen runs in the history of the game, over approximately that many overs.

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