Friday, 9 April 2010

Novels and Prodding.

I'm re-reading the Neil Gaiman novel Stardust, having seen the film recently. I can only say that, as good as the film was, the novel has so much more in it. It even makes slightly more sense.

My fencing club's epee tournament is next week, so I spent last night remembering how to do it. I didn't fence any sabre at all, which is a bit weird. I even managed some sabre last week at a club that only exists, as far as I can see, thanks to the epee phase of the modern pentathalon.

The current novel is taking a while, though I hope to write some more when I'm done here. For some reason, after spending the day writing, I don't always want to spend the evening writing. Odd.

The novel I'm ghostwriting, on the other hand, is proceeding apace. I even managed to sort out a small plot difficulty in a way that let me do a whole scene of overblown villainy.


Heather said...

Is this a silly question? Why are you ghostwriting anything? I mean, isn't it better with your name on it? What does any author chose to ghostwrite? Does it mean you are writing for someone else and their name will go on it? I've never been clear on the whole ghostwriting 'thing'.

stu said...

Because I will only make money from my own writing in the event that lots of people buy it, whereas ghostwriting entails being paid a fixed amount to produce the work for someone else. Though as yet, not the tens of thousands the film 'the ghost' might have people believe.

I should also point out that it isn't my usual work that goes out here. Generally, what the ghostwriter does is bring someone else's ideas/experiences/half finished novels to completion. I'm not about to give someone else one of my works in progress.

As for the question of credit, it varies. Ghostwriting implies that someone else's name goes on it (it's their idea, after all, plus they've paid) but whether the ghost's does as well depends on the project. Most sporting 'autobiographies' for example will go out as 'By x With x'. Others will be mentioned somewhere inside, while on some your name won't appear at all.

Heather said...

Ahhh! Ok. That all makes more sense to me. Thanks.