Sunday, 18 April 2010

If you're trapped by a supernatural entity, press 1

I had a fun opportunity to play the "how do we get rid of the phones" game in my WIP earlier. You know the one. It's what afflicts any novel in a modern setting where tension and a lack of help are necessary. You get to the point where the bad guy has someone holed up in a cupboard, or where things have gone seriously weird, and then you have to answer the question of why the protagonist doesn't just call the police/a friend picked at random from their address book/the local takeaway in search of help/moral support/pizza.

Generally, options include:

  1. Stolen/Smashed phones
  2. Poor reception at the crucial moment
  3. "They" are watching us all through the phones
In the end, I went for a combination of one and three, in the traditional "they are watching, so get rid of the phone" routine. It occurs to me that I now have an opportunity for a complaint about the cost of the things that I haven't taken, so I'm off to write that in.

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Christina said...

I like options 1 and 3 the best since 2 happens a lot in horror movies. I think you made a very good and "creepy" choice with three, but then again, I'm paranoid so the thought of someone listening in on conversations, to me, is a good reason to not use the phone. Also, now that newer phones have tracking devices, that's pretty scary too.