Saturday, 24 April 2010

First Game Traditions

I'm playing cricket today, which has elicited some looks of concern from the people I fence with, given what happened at the end of last season (I briefly dislocated my shoulder on a diving stop, resulting in some protracted soreness in the joint whenever I did anything strenuous, like fencing). Hopefully, I'll be a bit more careful today, particularly since it's less than a month to the Sheffield open.

Some things that probably will happen, it being the first game of the season:

  1. Someone gets sunburned. Being in the UK, we tend to forget that the shiny thing we see in the sky occasionally is actually quite powerful, particularly if we're standing in a field all day.
  2. I will have forgotten someone's name. It's a strange relationship we have, we cricketing people. We spend hours together each week in the season, but then don't see one another for six months. Cue "Hello... you"
  3. Someone will have forgotten how to do it. There are two schools of cricketing thought regarding early season net practise. One does it. The other thinks it ought to, but then forgets to book anywhere until February, when all the sports centres are jam packed. Guess which we fall into? This is actually good for me, living on a farm, because I have the space to practise in my garden.
  4. The ball will be harder than I remember. They make it harder each year specially.
  5. There will be a brief discussion of the IPL, before talk turns to the football premiere league, and Hull City's chances of staying in it. It's only a cricket season because there's no football on.
  6. I will hit a run, think it's the beginning of that elusive century (or fifty, or thirty) and then find some annoying way of getting out. Run out at the non-striker's end by one that just flicks the bowler's fingers, perhaps?

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